Years in Germany

I am currently a full time stay at home mom. I have another 10 months to go before going back to being an engineer. We are currently residing in Bavaria, Germany. TH works in Munich, I work from home, and that is how we moved to Bayern.

I love doing activities with my children and thus I am always looking for inspirations online and free resources that I can use or recreate at home.

Since we are not living in Asia. We do not have the stress to ensure our children excel. My goal is for them to enjoy learning by playing and hoping that they will pick up something during that 15-30 mins of play.

This basically summarized US. I hope you enjoy reading…

Also check this post for an introduction of this blog.


– Claire

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Jan 2019 I am currently a full time stay at home mom. I have another 10 months to go before going back to being an engineer. I am happily married to my better half TH. We met in 2003, dated for 10 years and decided to tie the knot in 2014. We have 2 wonderful, […]


Guess what??? TH was home at 3plus yesterday. And we crossed our path at the entrance of the garage. He didn’t even tell me that he was coming home early. Said he was not feeling well… hmm…. manflu manbaby alert! I did my usual thing. Pick up big J, sent A back home. Then we


Finally the first week of CNY is over. Lil J caught some bugs.. coughing badly then cry coz cannot sleep properly. Puke. X 10000. So the last few days the kids were in bed before 7pm. Coz I really cannot take the lack of sleep and whiny children. I am donating a brownie for the


This CNY i/ we decided not to join fellow Singaporeans for the reunion lunch in Munich. Sad and sorry to say despite most of them living in Germany for a long time. They still think that they are privilege, special etc. I am really not interested in listening to your problem with why you don’t


So far no one has called me auntie yet. So what if someone calls me that? There is another Singaporean in my town. He don’t live here. He live in Munich but comes here to teach music at the school as well as the music school. I tried find him on Facebook. He is not


We didn’t expect school closure but it did. So we stayed indoor. Too much snow everywhere. And since we do not have a 4WD. We can’t parked at some pile of snow. And I need to find a slot where the car has left so I can park in that spot. Or else I would


As usual no “feel” here. And I’m exhausted from the cold, lack of sun and air and everything else. Yesterday, we managed to throw the recycled bags away. Then bought pussy willow which is called palmweide here. Wiki said that it’s used for Palm Sunday. Why I have no idea. And finally donated our old


It might have been over 10 years that we have not celebrated Chinese New Year back at home. In the past, it was due to exams, then work. TH’s company always have their annual kick off on the 1st week of Feb. And since we are living overseas, we do still want the children to


My Sis in HK sent us CNY stuffs. It’s a yearly affair even though I said we don’t need anything (coz she express air mail it over and it’s very very expensive). I know it’s her way of showing her love for us. Because it’s filled with things that Big J love. She didn’t dare


Or 50 months old… like so old already. If we are not rushing for time, we will try to take the bus to class. Because it’s certainly more comfortable. No need to find parking and spend money on parking. Since we are 10 mins too early. I let Big J go into the playground and


Not sure what to do this holiday??? Check this out!

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