Years in Germany

I am currently a full time stay at home mom. I have another 10 months to go before going back to being an engineer. We are currently residing in Bavaria, Germany. TH works in Munich, I work from home, and that is how we moved to Bayern.

I love doing activities with my children and thus I am always looking for inspirations online and free resources that I can use or recreate at home.

Since we are not living in Asia. We do not have the stress to ensure our children excel. My goal is for them to enjoy learning by playing and hoping that they will pick up something during that 15-30 mins of play.

This basically summarized US. I hope you enjoy reading…

Also check this post for an introduction of this blog.


– Claire

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Jan 2019 I am currently a full time stay at home mom. I have another 10 months to go before going back to being an engineer. I am happily married to my better half TH. We met in 2003, dated for 10 years and decided to tie the knot in 2014. We have 2 wonderful, […]


#notsponsored TH couldn’t take more AL (annual leave) due to work load and also work trip so we only had a 4D3N trip to plan. Not sure of where we should go and do, M decided to do the planning and the researching. He gave us 3 choices, 1. France (5.5h) , 2. Some farm


As we arrived in our home for the Easter vacation. After dinner, we received a message from my sister back home that my maternal grandma has passed away in her sleep in her home. Estimated time of death is 1 am (JB time). When my uncle went to check on her, she was already cold.


Disclaimer: I bought 2 sets of the Bosch toy drill set myself. #notsponsored Last Monday, we were invited to Big J’s classmate Sevi house for a play date. 1. Play date from kindergarten’s friend. (Boy from the same group/ class) I brought cakes so we can have tea together. Not sure what I was expecting


Often said/ heard that daddy are more slack when taking care of children. Of course, there are exception and it’s definitely not in my family. The time we get to spend with our children is very limited. And thus, i really try to keep my phone away when I’m with the children. When I asked


The class today is more relaxing. Not much learning BUT we had an Easter egg hunt. And it’s really fun for me because I have never had one before. Yes… so sua ku (noob) right? I was indeed super excited. 😃😃😃 Everyone of us had to bring something for the Easter’s buffet. Some brought cake,


The recipe is 8 cups of flour and 2 cups of oil I actually find it brillant!!!! Because he can eat it and I don’t have to worry that he would have a tummy ache later. If you have a garden or a bath tub. You can just rinse off the baby after it.


Lil J caught some nasty virus. Over the weekend, he had fever over 40C. And gotten Bronchitis as well. Then runny nose full blown. We were running to the PD every other day. To make sure that he is getting better each time. And since it’s a virus. There is nothing we can do. He


We had friends over during the weekend. And it also happens to be her big 4. So I took the chance to bake her a cake. I am no baker as you all know. But I enjoy trying out new recipes. And because this cookie cake of biscuit cake is some fancy thing now. I


The weather is wonderful so off went, looking for new child- friendly places. This place is about 30 mins drive from where we are staying. It is a beer garden, an organic farm, a palace, a farm and has restaurant, capella, playground and lots of open space. They have llamas too! What good life they


Not sure what to do this holiday??? Check this out!

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